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Interesting Questions

In order to introduce some of the alternative thoughts theories and reasoning that exist in science, but is seldom discussed, a number of questions have been posed. Below are a select few of those that we hope to shed light upon, be that questioning the current narrative or providing alternative explanations.


Has Astrophysics Got It Wrong?

Ever since the Big Bang model was 'decided upon' it has failed to predict much of what has been observed. Instead of considering alternatives, the theory has been tweaked to the point of absurdity.

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Strange Photon Picture

Do We Understand Light?

Although electromagnetic theory has been successful for over a century we still do not understand the origin of mass, or indeed, how light actually moves.

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The Sun

Do We Know How The Sun Works?

Many years ago, it was 'decided' that the Sun was a gaseous body but physical measurements demands a condensed matter state. Is it time to re-think how the Sun works?

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How Well Do We Know Weather?

We know how to predict it in the short term but do we truly understand how clouds form? How hurricanes form? Do we know what really drives our weather?

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Has Relativity Really Been Proven?

Did Edington really prove Einstein right? Did the Caesium clocks really show time dilation? Do satellite engineers and software actually use relativity? The answers may surprise you.

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The Standard Model

Is the Standard Model Right?

Murray Gell-Mann certainly produced a beautiful model, but is it correct? Is it a success if we still cannot explain radioactive decay? Is there another way?

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Are We Due Another Ice Age?

Looking at the solar cycles it can be argued that we will soon experience a minimum in solar activity and are likely to experience a colder planet in the near future.

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Is The Universe Really Expanding?

The expansion of the universe presumes that there was a 'Big Bang' and that the observed red-shift of stars is purely accountable by a Doppler shift. What if this was not true?

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Big Bang Model

Did It All Start In A Big Bang?

The universe has been deemed to have started in a Big Bang. Many observations are now casting doubt on this theory. But if not a Big Bang, then how did our universe start?

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Global Warming

Is Global Warming Purely CO2?

When you study papers from such authorities as the IPCC you may be surprised to learn what science is left out. Is our climate warming and is CO2 solely responsible?

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Does Gravity Rule The Universe?

It is odd that a fridge magnet is stronger that Earth's gravity. It is also very odd that electromagnetic forces are not considered when constructing a model of the universe.

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Is Plate Tectonics Correct?

Why do we only see a small number of subduction zones? How does the tectonic model justify the U-turn that Antarctica has apparently made? Are we sure this is right?

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How Old Are The Oceans?

The oldest measured part of the Atlantic or Pacific oceans are only 220 million years old. Does that mean there we no oceans before that time?

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Why Does The Earth Spin?

Sounds like a simple question but in reality there is little information let alone insight. Why would our plant speed up and slow down periodically? Do we understand how our planet is powered?

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What Causes Arouras?

What are arouras, what causes them and why do we see them? Why are we seeing more arouras at lower latitudes and why are they the colours that we see? 

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Is The CMB Map Accurate?

It is a fundamental requirement for the Big Bang theory, but has the Cosmic Microwave Background actually been measured? Are we actually seeing something else?

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Gravity Waves

Have We Detected Gravity Waves?

Heralded as our greatest achievement and confirmation of relativity, the detection of gravity waves has resulted in Nobel Prizes being awarded. Have we really detected them?

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What Made The Moon's Craters?

The craters of the Moon are remarkably circular and do not resemble impact sites. Sinuous rilles are found all over the surface. If not impacts, what did make these features?

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What Killed The Mammoths?

The story of the Mammoth's extinction is not often fully described. Why were they frozen whilst still eating buttercups? After 15 thousand years, why was their flesh still edible?

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Black Hole

Are Black Holes Real?

Apparently they are mathematically proven and have even been photographed, but can black holes actually exist? Have we really seen them?

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Is QED Accurate?

Is Quantum Electrodynamics really the most accurate theory in the history? The measurement of the electron g-factor suggests otherwise.

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What Were The Pyramids For?

Were the pyramids really created as tombs? Were they a show of power? Or were they functional and built for distinct purposes?

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Why Were Dinosaurs Big?

If a Diplodocus was to magically appear today, would it be able to stand? Would Pterodactyls be able to fly? If not, then what was so different in the past?

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Trilobie Fossil

How are fossils made?

Accepted theories of petrification does not explain all the fossils that we find. Are we missing an important pathway for the creation of fossils?

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Linear Earthworks

 Mesolithic Engineering In The UK?

Is there evidence of large scale Mesolithic advanced engineering throughout the United Kingdom hidden in plane sight?

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What was Stonehenge Built For?

The site at Stonehenge dates back further than you think. When you consider the topology of the site as it was then, a new hypothesis emerges.

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Do We Understand Quasars?

Although quasi-stellar objects have been observed since the 1950s, do we understand what they are and how they work?

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Pole Shift

Where Are The Magnetic Poles?

Earth's magnetic poles have been shifting throughout it's history. At present the north pole is moving by over 1km a week. Is this normal and what does it mean?

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Magnetic Flip

What Happens If The Poles Flip?

Opinion is split on what happens if the Earth's magnetic poles flip. Some say we will hardly notice and some that it could trigger the end of civilization. Should we worry?

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Neutron Star

Do Neutron Stars Exist?

Current thinking is that a supernova explosion can result in a neutron star being left behind. Can this be true when energy is required to create a neutron from an electron and a proton?

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Earth Poles

Why Does The Earth Precess?

It has long been known that the Earth Precesses, but why? A gyroscope shows precession only with gravity, so what causes the precession of Earth?

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Dark Matter

Does Dark Matter Exist?

Originally it was postulated that the rotation of galaxies demanded it, but did we get that model right and are we wasting our time and money looking for it?

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Galactic Filaments

How Are Galactic Filaments Made?

Once thought impossible to form using Big Bang models, these enormous filaments appear to be the first structures formed in the universe. What formed them?

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